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How to wear midi dresses and skirts if you are petite

How to wear midi dresses and skirts if you are petite
December 4, 2017 Bomb Petite

It’s never not dress season because we believe there’s always a reason to get dolled up. And the hem length of the moment? Calf-grazing midi. Shop windows (and the Bomb Petite store) are full of these 50s-style silhouettes in varying shades, fabrics and degrees of sparkle. But before you get swept away by sequins or seduced by satin, pause and think ‘does this dreamy gown really fit me?’ Midi dresses and skirts are not a complete no no for petites – just bear these seven tips in mind.

1. Select the right length

If the hemline cuts at the widest part of your calves it will make your legs appear stumpy and short. Instead, opt for a skirt length that hits just above or below mid-calf where the leg is a little slimmer.



Petite midi dresses guide : Wendy's Lookbook

2. Accentuate the waist

Draw attention to your waist. Avoid tops that hide the waistline or end at the hip, always tuck things in and choose cropped jackets.



Petite midi dresses :: Hallie Daily

3. Colour code

Wear the same colour head-to-toe to create an elongated silhouette. So nude heels if you’re baring your legs or black heels if you’re going opaque. You can always spice things up with accessories.



Petite midi dresses : Lace and Locks

4. Streamline, streamline, streamline

Steer clear of skirts or dresses that are full or overly fussy in details – these dwarf your frame. Keep things clean, simple and streamlined.



Petite midi dresses : Walk in Wonderland

5. Show some leg

Wear skirts and dresses with a slit to show off some leg. Not only is this a sassy little feature, it will also draw the eye up and make your silhouette seem longer.



6. Shoes carefully

Avoid ankle boots or shoes with ankle straps, as these cut across the leg and break the overall flow of the dress.



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7. Buy petite size

Petite sizing takes a lot of the hard work out of fitting as it’s designed to create the most flattering proportions. It makes it easier to work this tricky style.

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