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#BombPetiteStories: lessons in style from real petite women

#BombPetiteStories: lessons in style from real petite women
July 27, 2017 Bomb Petite

Welcome to #BombPetiteStories. A place for real petite women from around the world to show off their style, share gems of advice and inspire other women. We all have one thing in common – we’re petite. It’s a gallery where you, your friends, and fashionistas can share your petite looks, show off your individual style and offer tips on how you make your height work for you. We’ve asked 9 stylish women to kick things off…

BombPetiteStories - Karen
BombPetiteStories - Anne Marie 1
BombPetiteStories - Michelle M

With the rise of street style in recent years, petite styling advice from real women is becoming more accessible. So we’ve created #BombPetiteStories, a place of inspiration featuring petite looks in everyday life.

From petite workwear inspiration to occasion-wear looks and petite dresses, this will act as a platform for styling advice and ideas and create a whole new community of stylish petite women.

BombPetiteStories - Katy A
BombPetiteStories - Sarah M
BombPetiteStories - Marta

#BombPetiteStories is all about you. It’s about women under 5’4 showing off their individual style and petite clothing. It’s a place for you to defy your body hang ups and show the world how you work with your height.

BombPetiteStories - Sarah Stalder
BombPetiteStories - Shelby
BombPetiteStories - Liza