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Elma Lingerie is a handmade lingerie and sleepwear label specialising in the petite fit. We are proud to showcase our signature bralettes that are designed to fit and flatter the petite bust. Small busts require a different fit from the average B through DD cup size, and our bralettes are made specially to fit, with less fullness and slightly wider set cups, and removable padding for light shaping and coverage. Each piece is handmade in the USA with love.

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“I began making bras purely out of necessity when I realised I was wasting money on bras that didn’t quite fit but I tried so desperately to make it work. Often when I tried on bras in the boutiques the cups were too close together, the band was too tight while the cups were gaping. It felt constricting with sharp underwires and thick padding.

Undergarments are the most personal part of a woman’s wardrobe, they are the first thing you put on in the day and the last thing you take off. They lay closest to your body so comfort and fit are of the utmost importance. Our lingerie is about empowering the woman with a A or B cup bust. The ladies who always yearned to wear beautiful designer undergarments but had to settle for training bras or sports bras instead. I strive to create comfortable, wearable bralettes that you can move in and still feel sexy underneath it all.”

Elma Valerio


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