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We all have days when we don’t feel our best, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look our best. It’s not about putting on a face for the outside world, but it’s about being able to walk around feeling confident and self-assured. How you look can have a huge impact on how you feel after all!


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It might be the tiny changes that will make you look and feel a million dollars, or it could be taking the time to take care of yourself and treat yourself to some pampering. With that in mind we have put together some grooming tips for petite women as well as a list of things that will boost your confidence. With our advice you’ll be looking polished and pulled together in no time. And more importantly, feeling it too.

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The Clothes

You don’t need a complete wardrobe overhaul to make you look and feel polished, a few tweaks here and there will do it. First up, make sure everything fits perfectly. For petite women this can be easier said than done. Shop from brands that aim specifically at petite women and always alter your clothes so that they’re not too long or swamping you. Beautifully tailored clothing will make you appear instantly pulled together. Also make sure that your clothes are in the best condition they can be. Get out the sewing kit and replace missing buttons, tighten up loose threads and neaten up hems. We all have that one item in the back of the cupboard that we’ve been putting off mending for years. Get it done and you’ll have a nearly new look. Oh and we swear by a perfect-fitting blazer to finish off all of your outfits.


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The Hair

Everyone is aware of the merits of a good haircut. When you leave the salon you always feel fresh and ready to take on the world. But not everyone can afford a blow dry every time they need to look like they’ve made an effort. Luckily there are some things you can do at home to help. Use a smoothing cream or oil once you’re out of the shower and then blow dry it smooth yourself and seal in the shine with straightening irons. Then use dry shampoo to keep it looking fresh as the week goes on. Also don’t be afraid to try something new. A fringe or short bob can give you a whole new look and a top up of colour will boost your confidence.

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The Face and Nails

Not all women wear makeup, and no woman should ever feel like she has to, but it can help us look more polished. As we age, makeup can open our eyes, smooth our skin generally make us appear as if we’ve made an effort. (Even if we only put on a coat of lipstick). Invest in a few good quality makeup items and appliances such as a well-matched foundation and a wear-everywhere mascara. Also keep your eyebrows groomed (we like waxing or threading) and your skin hydrated with an SPF moisturiser. And lastly, don’t neglect your hands. Treat yourself to a monthly manicure and apply hand cream every day. It’s the part of your body that’s always on show, so make sure to look after them.

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The Jewellery

Sometimes adding jewellery to your outfits can seem like unnecessary effort. But never underestimate the power of good quality jewellery. Some carefully chosen pieces will elevate your looks and make you feel more confident and look more refined. Lily Flo jewellery is a great starting point for your ‘jewellery wardrobe’. All the pieces are handmade in London and designed by a petite designer. This means that the jewellery is influenced by petite style, resulting in dainty pieces that look beautiful on smaller frames. The intricate necklaces are perfect for layering and won’t overwhelm you and the earrings have the ability to transform a look. The simple addition of some quality jewellery will ensure you look polished and pulled together in an instant.

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When investing in jewellery you should be aware of the differences between solid gold, gold filled and gold plated. Solid gold is the most valuable and durable, gold filled is made by bonding gold to a base metal to give it the appearance of gold and gold-plated is the lowest quality. All of Lily Flo’s designs are made from solid gold or silver.


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All of Lily Flo’s designs are made from solid gold or silver.

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