Want to know what makes Bomb Petite so different?

Bomb Petite clothing shop - our difference

Have you seen something on this site you like? Popped it in your basket perhaps? The whole process was quick, simple, even kind of enjoyable, right? Bomb Petite’s aim is to remove the stress, time and energy from petite shopping. But these factors don’t disappear entirely, we merely transfer them from you to us.

This is how we do it.

1. We use our own petite experience to understand your needs

We think we’re pretty well placed to make a judgement call on what constitutes ‘the perfect fit’. For starters, we’re both petite and have suffered many a dressing-room disappointment. But what distinguishes us from every other petite who has become fed up with the lack of choice? We know the industry. A strong fashion background means we can actually fulfil our promise of delivering nice clothes that fit.

Bomb Petite founders

Bomb Petite founder Jenny with our fit model Natalie, who is 5’3″

2. We carefully curate our selection of designers

We do our research and track down amazing designers at events and trade shows. When a designer’s work catches our eye, we review every style. It’s usually the details that get us the most excited – a sumptuous texture or an interesting neckline. We hand-pick the pieces we love.


At a private collection preview of designer Vjera Vilicnic. Pieces from this collection coming to our shop soon.

3. We tailor everything to you

A petite fit model tries on everything and we make sure all pieces adhere to the Bomb Petite size chart. Goodbye to rolled up sleeves and tucked in tops, midi dresses that are more like maxis, bust darts that are nearer your waist and waistlines that are nearer your hips. And you can forget about your tailor and spend the extra cash on some fab new shoes. You’re welcome.


Jenny and designer Vjera Vilicnic taking measurements of pattern changes required

4. We ensure each piece will make you look great

You see, we give designers suggestions on style changes to make the items work better for petites. For example removing the details in the lower part to elongate the silhouette or changing the length to make it more flattering. That’s when the piece becomes yours.


Discussing style adjustments

5. We deliver something you’ll cherish forever

Your uncomplicated online purchase, that dress that’s just a click away, was the result of careful, thoughtful curation. Enjoy and share with your petite friends!

Petite kimono dress by Narrow Arrow

Final result – kimono dress shot on a petite model

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