Mother daughter style has never looked so good

The rules about dressing for your age have changed and the guardrails by which our style is defined have shifted. No one encapsulates this feeling better than Lucie Manna, the founder of TwentyFour, a petite label that has just launched on Bomb Petite. TwentyFour is the sort of timeless brand that defies age limits and looks just as good on you as it would on your mum. Launched by Lucie when she was just 24, she puts down some of her success to the support she received from her mother.

 Lucie, her mother and grandmother

‘The fashion industry is a tough place to hold your own and my mum has taught me to be true to myself and others whilst maintaining my beliefs and ethos,’ she muses.

To mark the launch of TwentyFour on Bomb Petite, and to coincide with Mother’s Day, we spoke to the young designer about style, mums and everything in between…

We always love it when we come across a petite brand that has a petite designer at the helm. The designs are intuitive, look amazing on petite frames and are made with the wearer in mind. Lucie, who stands at just 5ft understands how to dress petite women better than anyone so it’s no surprise that TwentyFour’s collection is full of elegant wardrobe classics that you’ll want to buy immediately. And the best part? The timeless pieces will look just as good on your mum as they will on you – and perfect for mother daughter wardrobe swaps.

Petite Lyla full length dress on Lucie, her mum, and our model

So how would Lucie describe her label?

“If I could describe TwentyFour as a type of music I think it would have to be Jazz. Jazz music has timeless and versatile qualities, so many different generations can appreciate its multiple layers and dimensions. It would be wonderful to think that we had built TwentyFour around the same elements… However, the essence that drives TwentyFour is the versatility and timelessness that potentially reaches out beyond our target market.”

Lucie designs with the busy lifestyles of contemporary women in mind. She focuses on wearability and creating styles that can be given an individual look.

‘I think fashion and more so style is an important medium for self-expression. And in turn I create simple pieces that can be styled by the wearer for themselves.’

The soft tailoring and petite silk dresses in TwentyFour’s collection are timeless and elegant and will suit women of all ages. In fact, Lucie and her mum frequently borrow each other’s clothes.

‘Similar to my mum, I wear the Tessa Jumpsuit a lot, purely because it is so easy for every day. This winter I have been wearing it with ankle boots and a grey or white roll neck underneath. The Celina suit is another favourite that we share, I am all about female empowerment and I feel like this suit does just that but in a subtle way.’

Finally, with Mother’s Day coming up we were keen to hear about Lucie’s relationship with her mother and how it has changed since she has become a mother herself.

‘Since becoming a mum myself the respect I have for my mum has grown tenfold. If there was any advice that I could give to my younger self it would be that your mum only ever have your best interests at heart, even if it feels like they are being awkward at the time.’

These mother daughter wardrobe staples will make a lovely gift for the stylish women in your life. What would you share with your mum?


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