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Short Girl Problems We Can Relate To

Short Girl Problems We Can Relate To
December 14, 2016 Bomb Petite

Standing on their stools and armed with bullets of self-irony, petite women have started an online battle to denounce the not-so-tiny obstacles that we have to face in our everyday lives.

Code word? #shortgirlproblems.

#shortgirlproblems is a resistance movement started by petite women on social media who post on the realities of being short on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Years and years of climbing supermarket shelves have endorsed us with a superpower that will catch you by surprise: our sense of humour. Tired of being called “cute” and patted on the head, we are not scared of sharing selfies taken (and missed) in front of bathroom mirrors that often hang too high.

Little but tough, these ladies have set out to discourage anyone to look down on us. And to use our shoulders as an armrest.

Here are 9 things that really wind us up.

1. Petites have to wear their Spiderman’s outfits at the grocery store: unless we want to surrender to eating kids’ cereals all our lives, or to have a special shop assistant at our disposal, we’ve got to learn to climb.


A photo posted by Silje Rolfsen (@siljerolfsen) on


2. We have to be really good at hemming – or our trousers will always cost at least £10 more than everyone else’s. When you are petite, you most often find your feet drowning in fabric.

C’mon….I’m not THAT short…. New jeans. Seriously… #shortgirlproblems

A photo posted by Beth Dewalt (@lucky13girl) on


3. Standing at concerts is like listening to an iPod in a very crowded train — who gets to see the artist anyway? Unless someone lets us climb (again) on their shoulders.

Short girl Problems unso. #shortgirlproblems #concert #help #toosmall #habschonhoheschuhean #einmetersechsundfünfzigftw

A photo posted by Vanessa|20|Ingolstadt (@autophob.ia) on


4. Pictures rarely go as planned. Short women make their taller pals feel like they’re the size of a wardrobe, forcing them to bend unnaturally. In group pictures, it’s either standing at the front or not being there at all. As for selfies, well, it would be great to have a longer arm!

Annual shortest & tallest employee photo!! #mini #shortgirlproblems #tallguyapproved #officeholidayparty

A photo posted by Waldner’s (@waldners) on


5. Petites have to wave or jump up and down to get bartenders to see us.



6. Alternatively we can hop on a high stool, an action that requires mental preparation. In fact, no matter where we sit, we always get the feeling that our legs are hanging in the void.



7. Kissing a tall guy, but also holding hands, can be feel a bit awkward at times, as we stand on our tip toes and lift our arms to reach the charming prince.

#shortgirlproblems #shortgirls #momlife #laxmom

A photo posted by Sherry Kendall (@sherrylynn2) on

But remember these words by the former creative director of Lanvin Alber Elbaz: “Wear flats. You’re short. It’s much cooler not to pretend.”

A photo posted by Miroslava Duma (@miraduma) on


Share your #shortgirlproblems in the comments section.


This article is written by our guest writer Martina Gili.


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