Stylish petite women: Kristin from K on the Bay

Stylish petite women: Kristin from K on the Bay

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KRISTIN FEHRMAN, a stylish petite and founder of K on the Bay blog, on how to do Casual Chic.

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In her own words I live along the shore of beautiful Traverse City, Michigan with a bit of San Francisco on the side. Since growing up with views of sailboats and amazing scenery, I like to incorporate a casual, nautical style with a city touch in the places I love.

Describe your style in 3 words Casual Chic Style

Petite style icon Nicole Richie

Favourite brands Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, ZARA, H&M

Current trend you are embracing Crop Tops

Petite bloggers you follow La Vie Petite, The Chloe Conspiracy

Best style tip for petite women Skinny pants and heels work wonders
when creating height

One fashion item you can’t live without Basic blazer for day or night

You would never wear Overalls, no matter what every blog says this summer

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