The Fashion Jury: Sarah Jessica Parker’s ballet style

The Fashion Jury: Sarah Jessica Parker’s ballet style

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The dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the New York City Ballet’s fall gala grabbed the headlines as it was designed in collaboration by Prabal Gurung and Olivier Theyskens. But did it work for her petite frame? We ask the panel…

Sarah Jessica Parker

WHITNEY POZGAY, Designer and founder of WHIT

Whitney Pozgay - petite clothing1

This dress is really nice on her small frame. The proportions are balanced so that they don’t overwhelm. I also love that it is a collaboration between two amazing designers, something I actually fantasize about.


BECKY MURPHY, Designer, Illustrator and Author of I’d Rather Be Short

Becky Murphy - petite clothing1

SJP looks stunning. The full gown and slicked back hair are the perfect look for a ballet gala. I don’t know if I’m more smitten by the neckline or choice of fabric, but she’s making that silk dress work for her! Once again, her 5’3″ self exudes confidence and elegance.


FRANKIE ORTIZ, Creative Director/Designer of The 16th Bar

Frankie Ortiz - petite clothing1

I think it’s absolutely great that 2 incredible designers can come together to create one look! I think this look on Jessica could have been more striking though if it was more tailored in the bodice and a little less stiff in the skirt. She’s got a great figure and a more tailored gown with some draping would have really enhanced her petite frame. But she’s still gorgeous. And I’m still a fan of the boys.


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