Stylish Petite Women: Karin from Closet Struck

Stylish Petite Women: Karin from Closet Struck

Stylish petite women: Karin

KARIN HOWELL, a stylist and the fashion blogger behind Closet Struck, tells us about her love for leather, striped shirts and vintage fashion.




Describe your style in 3 words My style is edgy, classic, and men’s meet women

Timeless classics or cutting edge trends I actually like to mix both. You can’t help but to like trendy pieces, but you also always need to have classics.

Petite style icon I love Rachel Zoe. She never lets her size alter her fashion and I love that about her.

Favourite brands Vintage (not really a brand lol), Urban Outfitters, and TopShop

Current trend you are embracing I love everything leather. I’m so glad that this trend has made it’s mark this summer! Who would have thought that we would be wearing leather in 80 degree weather?

Other petite bloggers you follow Extra Petite is my favorite. I love that she shows how she alters her clothes to fit her best.

Best style tip for petite women Love your body and your clothes, that’s what tailors are for!!!

One fashion item you can’t live without My striped shirts. I wear them with everything. I’m pretty sure that I own about 10 striped shirts!

You would never wear I think that I would pretty much wear anything. Anything can grow on me if it’s worn the correct way. Like I thought I would never wear an outfit that had a matching top and bottom, but right now, I love them!!!


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