Stylish Petite Women: Joann from Love Fashion Live Life

Stylish Petite Women: Joann from Love Fashion Live Life

By Anna Timoney

Joann Doan, the style savvy behind mixes preppy pieces with boho elements effortlessly. Cool, eclectic and sophisticated Joann knows how to play with fashion. Here she talks to us about her favourite brands and what inspires her.

Petite Fashion Blogger: Love Fashion Live Life

Your style defined in 3 words
Casual Trendy Chic

Do you prefer timeless classics or cutting edge trends
I prefer a happy marriage of both classic pieces and edgy trends. Mixing trends with classic pieces allows you to explore your style more.

Your style icon
Nicole Richie

What inspires your personal style?
The life around me has inspired the evolution of my personal style. I realized that as I’m going through different phases in my life, my style changes accordingly to match it.

Favourite brands
Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Asos, BCBG, f21, H&M, Rebecca Minkoff – just to name a few.

Current trend you are embracing
Skirts: full, midi and leather. I love them ALL.

Other bloggers you follow
Wendy’s Lookbook, Gary Pepper Girl

If you could trade closets with anyone for a day, who would it be?
Nicole Richie & Olivia Palermo

Best style tip for petite women
Highlight your best assets and always elongate!

What are the 3 items every girl should have in her closet?
A good pair of denim that will make you feel amazing even on bloated days, classic pumps that will go great with everything and a maxi dress because some days I just don’t want to wear pants.

One fashion item you can’t live without
Strawberry Carmex. Chapped lips are totally not fashionable.

What do you prefer – dressing up or dressing down?
I prefer dressing up my casual outfits. Comfort is key to my fashion success.

Where do you shop?
Anywhere and everywhere. Malls, outlets, online retailers, boutiques, thrift stores, etc. If they carry cute things, I’m there!

You would never wear
Real fur



ASOS petite jacket

ASOS Knitted Sleeve Denim Jacket in Vintage Wash

Banana Republic Petite skirt

Banana Republic Striped Floral Fluted Skirt 

Olivia Moon Jumpsuit

Olivia Moon Wrap Top Jumpsuit