Petite Clothes – The Bigger Picture

Petite Clothes – The Bigger Picture

By Anna Timoney

A lot of preparation goes in to a photo shoot. There’s the makeup, the clothes, the hair…not to mention the location. So many ingredients needed to create that perfect, glossy final image!

At Bomb Petite we were all set for the challenge and psyched to be embarking on our first ever photo shoot. We wanted a petite model showcasing this seasons key looks. Enter Poppy the 4’11 stunner behind stylish blog Miss Everyday Elegance. Model: Check!

We had our model but needed someone savvy to compile our fashionable looks. Enter Alisa Semenova. Stylist: Check!

Our fashion shoot team was assembled! Off we jaunted to rifle the rails at Stella McCartney, Acne and The Kooples. Poppy couldn’t join us for our big clothes haul but we made sure to pick out the pieces in her size.

And then to the shoot itself! We found ourselves in the wild jungle surroundings of the winter garden at the Barbican centre, London. Low hanging leaves and luscious green foliage would be sure to make our photos pop! We were getting excited…

Hours were spent on Poppy’s hair and makeup. Primping, preening and polishing to make her beauty even more beautiful than usual. Finally it was time to try the clothes but…


They didn’t fit!

Poppy was being swamped in bundles of material. The dress bunched in odd places, the trousers trailed on the dirty earthen ground and the coat sleeves hung long and low.

We grabbed our pins to start a haphazard, last minute tailoring…when POP! We were distracted by the uncorking of champagne.

Well, it wouldn’t be a fashion shoot without champagne daaaaarling!

Swigging our glasses of fizz, conversation turned to the subject of petite clothes. Maybe it was the champagne, or maybe we were suddenly overcome with the true spirit of Bomb Petite but right there and then we dropped our pins.

Why help the brands to look good by tailoring them to fit if they don’t even consider petite women?!

Screw them; we thought (hiccupping slightly from all the champers) we’re going to show the real oversized world petite women live in.

Here are the unaltered photos ladies – Enjoy!


petite suit size and fit
Jacket by The Kooples £275, Top by Acne £225, Trousers by Stella McCartney £330


petite dress size and fit
Dress by Reiss £495


petite coat size and fit
Coat by Cos £150 Top by Theysken’s Theory £250, Trousers by Cos £79


Model: Poppy from Miss Everyday Elegance
Stylist: Alisa Semenova
Photographer: Yevgenia Zorova
Hair & make-up: Ksenia Katysheva