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How to shop for leggings

Need a little inspiration to get yourself moving? There’s no better motivation than petite active wear that makes you look and feel great.

Choosing workout wear to suit your body shape will help your confidence soar while you’re sweating it out. Studies show that the better you feel in your activewear, the harder you’ll work at the gym or pounding the pavements. It’s not just about the sports bra – any regular exerciser will know the benefits of a well-fitting sports bra, but your leggings should also be carefully considered for fit, function and style.

A good pair of workout leggings will take you further than just the gym. They should be flattering and stylish enough to wear when you’re running errands but also have the technical capabilities to keep you cool and comfortable when you’re working up a sweat.

Follow this guide to find the perfect leggings for you.

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Try: High-Waisted Leggings

These leggings are not only functional and flattering, they suck everything in at all the right places and stay put whether on the bike, in Pilates, or in a boxing class. The higher waist also helps streamline the silhouette and elongate the leg.

Perfect for:

Apple Shape (O)

You have no defined waist and weight tends to form around your middle. Try high-waisted leggings – they are flattering and comfortable and will tuck in your tummy for a more streamlined silhouette. Try some with a wide waistband so that they don’t dig into your middle.

Hourglass Shape (X)

You have an hourglass figure if your bust and shoulders are the same width as your hips, and your waist is defined. Highlight your hourglass waist with a branded waistband like this one on the Zoom Leggings.


Try: Patterned Leggings

Bold leggings in statement prints are all the rage right now and much easier to wear than you think. Patterned leggings break up the line of the body and can actually make you look slimmer – its true! Balance the look with a plain colour on top.

Perfect for:

Inverted Triangle Shape (V)

If your hips are narrower than your bust and shoulders, the shape is called an inverted triangle. To balance out your V-shape build, wear prints on your bottom half. Boudavida’s leaf print leggings are perfect for you.

girl wearing Boudavida black petite leggings

Try: Capri Leggings

The cut of a capri legging helps the leg to appear longer, and is intended to be the perfect length for high-intensity workouts or a hot yoga class—with performance and functionality at the forefront. These capri tights are the perfect petite workout leggings for shorter legs.

Perfect for:

Pear Shape (A)

You have a rounder body shape with similar bust, waist and hip measurements. To make your bottom half look more in proportion with your top half, try wearing  black leggings with a bright top. The Brio Capri style are stretchy and soft and will be your new best friend at yoga class.

girl wearing boudavida zoom leggings and bra in leaf print

Try: Technical Details

Today’s sleek, high-performance leggings are designed for maximum comfort and performance. The moisture-wicking polyamide and elastane blend creates freedom of movement and less chafing to ensure an ultra-comfortable workout.

Perfect for:

Rectangle Shape (H)

Your shoulders and your hips are perfectly in proportion (lucky you!) so you can get away with any leggings. Look out for technical details like sweat-wicking fabrics and mesh panels for extra breathability so you can work out in complete comfort.

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