Ageless fashion: Petite style icons for your 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s and beyond

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Style at any age has never been more accessible than it is today, and as you reach major milestones in your life and career, your style is likely to evolve. That’s why certain fashion rules that make sense in your thirties might not make sense in your sixties. There are things that apply to all age brackets though and finding the perfect fit is our number one rule for petite clothing at any age. Great fitting clothes will maker you feel instantly confident whatever situation you’re thrown in to – whether that’s pregnancy, a new job or retirement. Luckily for us, there are lots of stylish petite celebrities to steal ideas from who are masters at dressing for their age. We’ve looked at the style of some perennially stylish stars and have outlined the key points to consider when shopping as your life stage changes.

Style in your 30s

Natalie Portman

natalie portman bomb petite style 30s
natalie portman petite celebrity style 30s
natalie portman petite style 30s

Your 30s will typically see lots of life change both personally and professionally. You might have climbed up the career ladder and found your feet in an industry you love or maybe started a family with marriage and children, or both. Whatever path your life takes, your 30s are likely to be a period of transition and your style should reflect this. It’s the perfect decade to have fun with fashion and really work out what suits you best.

Natalie Portman at 36 makes dressing in your 30s look easy. She opts for demure two pieces and relaxed separates in neutral shades when she’s off duty but doesn’t shy away from colour for big events. We love her relaxed approach to dressing and even in casual wear she looks pulled together. Natalie is proof that you can look amazing in jeans and T-shirt as long as they are fit to perfection.

Style in your 40s

Isla Fisher

isla fisher bomb petite style 40s
isla fisher bomb petite style 40s
isla fisher petite celebrity style 40s

By the time you reach your 40s your probably have your own signature style. But busy work and home lives can mean that your style falls by the wayside. We believe fashion becomes even more important as you get older. With other people depending on you and lots of things to worry about, you can feel like you’re losing your identity so playing around with fashion is a great way to express yourself.

At 42, Isla Fisher is a great example of a woman with a defined expression of style. Just because you’re over 40 it doesn’t mean you should cover up and Isla often shows off her legs in shorter shift dresses and A-line skirts, making her look taller than her 5’3 frame. She also prefers tailored jackets which can not only pull any outfit together but also make you feel more confident and noticed in work situations.

Style in your 50s

Sarah Jessica Parker

sjp bomb petite style 50s
sjp bomb petite style 50s
sjp petite style 50s

Your kids have probably grown up by now which means you might have some extra time (and money!) to take care of yourself and really think about what you want to wear. Being well dressed is a life long learning curve and by the time you reach your 50s you probably have a good idea of what you like and what you don’t like. Forget about following trends and look out for interesting pieces that tell a story or investment items that you’ll wear for the next decade.

Not many woman are as stylish as Sarah Jessica Parker and at 53-years-old she quashes any myth that you lose your style mojo once you hit 50. SJP is bolder in her fashion choices than ever before, helped by a confidence that comes with ageing. She never shies away from colour, often using clashing shades to make a statement. The key takeaway from Sarah Jessica Parker’s look is her silhouette. She might wear something in an irreverent colour or print but it will always be offset by impeccable tailoring.

Style in your 60s

Jane Seymour

jane seymour petite style 60s
jane seymour petite style 60s
jane seymour petite style 60s

With retirement hopefully on the horizon, some say your 60s are when you truly start living. You probably have more money than ever with no children to look after and more time to yourself. So resigning yourself to a decade of elasticated waistbands and beige cardigans would be such a waste! Now is the time to truly embrace your personal style. If you have a preferred ‘uniform’ then stick to it but have fun with accessories and colours.

You would never guess Jane Seymour was 67 and her youthful appearance is in part down to her fashion choices. Although her necklines might be slightly higher and hemlines slightly longer than they were a decade ago, her style has remained unhindered. At 5’3 she chooses petite dresses with a slight flare and structured silhouettes that show off her amazing physique without showing too much skin.

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