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Bomb’s Fashion and Style Tips for Petite Women

She dresses to be stunning. Gold rimmed shades. Bourbon on the rocks. A well-worn Smythson pad vibrating from careless drumming of her fingers. To her petite is just a style… And as with any style there were rules to be obeyed.

1. Slave to geometry
Vertical prints, fitted dresses and slim lines are girl’s best friends.

2. “Little girl” syndrome
Avoid “cute” at all costs. Bin girlie floral prints and get friendly with tailoring.

3. Drowned by clothes
Shed layers. Remember cupcake is not a good look.

4. Go bold
Follow the eternal equation – plenty of skin + class = stunning. Complement your look with bold colours and chunky jewellery. The bolder the better.

5. Long legs
Show them off by baring it all. Or leave them as a treat for later by sneaking them into well fitted trousers.

6. Sleep in heels
It’s a no-brainer, coquette. Never. Take. Them. Off.

petite fashion style tips

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